My friends, Awake in the dream is dedicated to you for your human courage. Thank you for being here with me. The video programs include guests inspired by many traditions, not only original, but ones personally creative. I am grateful to these folks because they have made such a fine impact on many, by their lives and teaching. Please applaud their contributions with me.

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The following statement speaks to the timelessness of Truth:

“Let the soul banish all that disturbs; let the body that envelops it be still, and all the frettings of the body, and all that surrounds it; let earth and sea and air be still, and heaven itself. And then let the man think of the Spirit as streaming, pouring, rushing and shinning into him from all sides while he stands quiet.”

Plotinus, A.D. 205

Love and do what you like.

St. Augustine

My sentiments exactly!

Penelope Chatterton