The Still Small Voice

Penelope is blessed with receiving CD’s of Joel Goldsmith teaching classes. She thanks Diane Doheny for sending them as she continues her experience. In this class entitled “The Still Small Voice”, Joel speaks of a revelation that first came to him in 1934 that mind is not power. This shocked him as this revelation …

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The Journey Back To The Father’s House

Joel Goldsmith in his book, “The Journey Back to the Father’s House”, works with us to truly understand how we do create our own life. We have the knowledge with our work with Infinite Way principles to know how to do this. A very practical book and amazing!!! I feel blessed!

Consciousness Unfolding

“Consciousness Unfolding” by Joel Goldsmith explains the purpose of Ministry. He asks us to be silent workers and join the spiritual underground. Live in the NOW is all that is asked. The NOW is life eternal. Let God live your life. Be in constant prayer. Listen.

Living by the Word

In every person a ray of light penetrates the soul. This pushes us,even if we stumble,to achieve conscious contact with God. The path can be up and down,and as we study scripture,we find Çhrist’s voice imparting guidance to us. This will be accomplished as scripture leads us within to hearing “the still small voice”. We …

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The Only Freedom

To be free, we must recognize universal Christhood and be impersonal. We can believe from the heart as we know we exist eternally. We can feel the Christ presence as we become silent and go to the source of all life. We are under constant guidance as we understand what The Infinite Way principles are …

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