The Letters 1956

Joel’s letters are a bridge expanding the understanding that the Kingdom of God is within you. He helps us with the necessarry disciplines for our journey in the 1956 letters.

In this volume as well,he beautifully helps us with how to help children know the inner,spiritual life with very easy language. He also explains the monastic life and what the experience really entails. So very supportive as monastic living is a gift of God! For those who find themselves living the monastic life,a must read!

The Letters,1932-1946

Monologue on Joel S Goldsmith’s book,“The Letters,1932-1946″. These letters are called the “Dear Friend”letters as his many students and patients shared them with their friends. There is a true bond of friendship that always expresses the love that is felt by all.

This book is also the foundation of his unfoldment for the Infinite Way. His praise for Mary Baker Eddy is important to understand Joel’s history of healing and his move to his own mystical contribution of the Infinite Way. It is inspiring reading!

The Foundation Of Mysticism

Joel discusses in great detail the spiritual principles of the Infinite Way. 1959 was the year Joel reintroduced and expanded upon each of the principles that would lead to a fuller understanding and comprehension of this movement. 20 hours of classes lead to this textbook. Inspiring and uplifting as Joel takes us to the heart of spiritual living. It is a life changing experience!

The Contemplative Life

Joel is sharing how this Infinite Invisible,which is called the Christ or Spirit of God in man,is available to us all. In proportion to our awareness of the inner Presence and Power,we awaken to our experience in the without. As we seek this inner Presence,our outer is renewed and resurrected. Meditation is key and praying without ceasing a must! Joel is strong and firm in the Infinite Way Principles that lead to peace.

Previewing the Spiritual

Diane Doherty and Penelope Chatterton go through the Contemplations calendar about The Infinite Way. Diane put this calendar together for Acropolis Books. These gals took each month and enjoyed and shared Joel Goldsmith principles and ideas. Penelope hopes this program becomes a regular for each year! Being spontaneous works well for these two. Enjoy!

Consciousness Is What I Am

Joel sees spiritual consciousness as one’s own real self as he shows us in this book how to unlock our own personal potential. There are states of heightened consciousness and Joel finds the usual joy in sharing how to realize God,expand our awareness and gain spiritual discernment. It is a deep book and helps us all see how far we have come on the Path. My eyes have been opened again! Joel will work forever with all his students. I am grateful!

Living By Grace

Joel S. Goldsmith shows us how silence,quiet and meditation is the key to hearing the still small voice. When we finally realize this,through life’s ups and downs,we find the Kingdom of Heaven. It is very simple and inspiring to be guided constantly by the voice that gives us life. We share our gifts with others as we find our own expression to self fulfillment. Joel wants us to know,we all have ways to share and extend love. We join the Father in oneness. We know life is eternal.

Living Now

“Living Now”invites us again into the world of Infinite Way creator,Joel Goldsmith. Joel’s words are always so fresh as he is a true transparency for God speaking. He shows us in this book how simple and challenging it is to dissolve this human plane for the divine plan. Love thy neighbor is the key. We don’t live in two worlds. God is all there is.

Sharing The Experiences Of Everyday Mysticism

Diane Doheny and Penelope discuss the practical ideas around what mysticism really is. A user-friendly discussion for Infinite Way students. Mystics love to share their gifts! They help the audience understand the experience of living the mystical life. It is a life filled with Grace! It is a sacred and private practice as we all have a mystical assignment which our Source has planted deep in our hearts! With meditation and patience,yours will be revealed!

The Altitude of Prayer

Mystical life coach Penelope explains how Joel uses logic,reasoning and especially spiritual insight into how prayer works. How do we speak to God and how are we heard?! Throughout the ages,man has tried to figure prayer out,and with the help of the Masters,advice is available. Joel shows us the method of development and how to come back to the Father’s house as a process and experience. An inspiring book and life changing as Joel shares his personal journey!