Previewing the Spiritual

Diane Doherty and Penelope Chatterton go through the Contemplations calendar about The Infinite Way. Diane put this calendar together for Acropolis Books. These gals took each month and enjoyed and shared Joel Goldsmith principles and ideas. Penelope hopes this program becomes a regular for each year! Being spontaneous works well for these two. Enjoy!

Living Now

“Living Now” invites us again into the world of Infinite Way creator, Joel Goldsmith. Joel’s words are always so fresh as he is a true transparency for God speaking. He shows us in this book how simple and challenging it is to dissolve this human plane for the divine plan. Love thy neighbor is the …

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Meeting Joel Along the Path

Diane Doheny, Process and Products Coordinator for Acropolis Books, and Penelope Chatterton discuss the celebration of how we discovered, or were discovered by Joel Goldsmith, the Mystic of The Infinite Way. The Principles are explored for inspiration and clarity! An exciting movement!

Continuing on the Infinite Path

Diane Doheny goes deeper into exploring her work as a group counselor and explains how reframing stories brings not only enlightenment, but takes us back to our Source. God is only Love. Diane is a devoted student of the Infinite Way and the principles work!