The Mission of Awake in the Dream TV

Awake in the Dream is a public access television program that has aired on Cape Cod in MA since 1992. For years, “Awake in the Dream” was aired in New York City, Boston, and Northampton MA as the sharing continued and expanded. Penelope is currently producing her program in Easthampton, MA and has found a lovely, peaceful setting to continue her special presentations about Joel S. Goldsmith.

Now, we are thrilled to be awakeinthedreamtv.com for a broader exposure to our message and mission. Penelope feels Awake was taken out of her hands by her surrender and acceptance of this mission and that this television program breathed a life on its own.

Penelope Chatterton is the proud host to many spiritual leaders, healers and authors. A few among many, Dr Bernie Siegel, “Love, Medicine and Miracles” with his innovative, healing approach to exceptional cancer patients, Brent Haskell, “Journey Beyond Words”, Robin Casarjian, Lionheart Foundation, Paul Ferrini, Robert Holden, Ted Poppe, Vicki Poppe, Fran Spayne, Steve Cordry, Jeanne Reilly Burgess, Lisa Natoli and Bill Free of the “Course in Miracles” world. Cynthia Frances-Bacon gives a refreshing look at principles for quantum healing and James Calvin – Abbot of the Cape Cod Zen Center offers a Buddhist approach to living with peace.

Penelope’s guests dont pretend life on earth is easy and always comfortable. Yes, we have known such periods, sometimes in the early years, but soon the world and its conditioning catches up to us and we find ourselves in a fear based, strange land. These healers have found a way home through their own suffering and personal journeys to freedom. As we all have learned, to extend the word, we free ourselves in service.

Meditation is key to understanding the truth of our human existence. We have so many messages of untruths to unravel in our minds; the work to wholeness is really done with intimacy and solitude. We can run from this inner work, but eventually, we can run no longer as relief is experienced within as we find our guide and best friend. I think we need to remind ourselves; our perfect, loving self is present already. We just need to relax into the Grace and gifts of the Spirit that unite us all in Oneness.

In 1998, Awake in the Dream won first place in the Newict (New England Women in Cable and Telecommunications) award for Penelope’s monologue on “Heaven on Earth”. A special thanks to Jamie Horton, talent beyond words, crew; Ruth, Eric, Pam, Jay and Steve.

Tim Riley began working at Easthampton Media as a student in the Fall of 2007. He now serves as Easthampton Media’s Digital Media Coordinator. A Master Mason of Mt. Holyoke Lodge in South Hadley, his hobbies include playing bass in the band Vacant Eyes, metal detecting, gardening, researching true crime, investigating the paranormal, and watching professional baseball. Tim also supports the Manchester United football club.

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